Our Teas

Our teas are inspired by the multitude of teas popular amongst street cultures all over the world, where tea stalls or teahouses are often gathering grounds for conversations. From Hong Kong’s very own Hong Kong-style milk tea or yuan yang to Thai iced tea in Thailand, fruit tea and bubble tea in Taiwan, teh tarik in the Straits, masala chai in India and Moroccan mint tea popular in many Arab countries. What we seek to create is the best of these tea experiences, brought together under one roof, using the best ingredients possible.

Our tealeaves are carefully sourced by our sister brand, Plantation by teakha, from small plantations around the world. Our teas are always single origin, because we want to share with you the taste of a particular time and place, and our selection criteria are simple – we chose only the teas we love and teas with a story.

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